Welcome to the 2019 Pinellas Park T-Bird Cheerleading season! This is a huge commitment you and your child are about to undertake. Our goal is to make your season with the T-Birds a fun-filled learning experience.

Participating in cheerleading is a big commitment by both cheerleader and parent. Your cheerleader is part of a team and is making the commitment to herself and her teammates. Parents and Cheerleaders will be asked to sign a participation contract so that they understand the commitment and rules of our organization.

Starting Date:

The season will start on Monday, July 8, 2019. We will be practicing Monday – Friday for the first two weeks, from 6:15 – 8:15 p.m. Please come to the field with your cheerleader and go to the main bleachers. I will introduce the coaches and then the cheerleaders will go to their prospective divisions to start their practice.

There will be a MANDATORY PARENT MEETING on July 8, 2019 @ 6:15pm on the bleachers. There will be a lot of information covered, so please adjust your schedules.

What to Wear:
Please make sure your cheerleader is ready for practices. This means DRESS APPROPRIATELY –
• Soffee shorts or some type of stretchy shorts. NO JEAN SHORTS, SKIRTS, SKORTS, etc.
• It is requested that ALL cheerleaders wear bloomers or sliders under their cheer shorts.
• T-shirts (not to big) or tank tops are fine. (NO spaghetti straps)
• Sneakers – Sneakers with tied laces. No thick heel tennis shoes or Heely-type shoes (this is a safety issue and your daughter will not be able to participate.) .
• No jewelry of any kind. They are not permitted to wear jewelry at practices or games. PLEASE do not let your daughter get her ears pierced, belly button, or anywhere right before season starts. They will not be able to participate. (Remember it takes 2-3 months of healing.)
• Hair must be pulled back away from their face neatly.
• Please make sure she has water or money to purchase a drink for practices.

It is a great idea to label jackets, clothing, water bottles, jugs, etc. with your child’s name!

There will be tryouts for all divisions -- Flyweight, Mighty Mite, PeeWee, and Midget. This is to determine who is on the varsity squad and who is on Junior Varsity. Per SYFC guidelines we are limited to no more than 20 cheerleaders per squad.

We know that every girl wants to make the varsity squad, but that is not possible. Please support your daughter’s team no matter what squad she is on. We work hard to provide them all the same opportunities. Every team at the T-Birds is equally important and will be treated as such.

The date for tryouts will vary according to weather conditions, judge availability, building availability, but occur sometime within the first two weeks. As soon as the tryout dates are set, it will be communicated out to everyone. In order to make the varsity squads, you must be present for tryouts. That said, it is very important that your cheerleader is at every tryout practice.

Midget Age rules
Any cheerleader that cheers for High School football – be it varsity or JV – is no longer eligible to cheer for any SYFC league including T-Birds. This only pertains to Football.

Your daughter may cheer for middle school sports (basketball, volleyball, etc.). They may also cheer for high school basketball.

If your daughter is eligible to try-out for high school football cheerleading and is still a T-Bird, you will have to make a decision for one or the other.

Practice nights and teams:
Once on their teams, practice nights before school starts may be 4-5 nights per week. Once school starts practices will go down to three nights per week and are determined by each individual coaching staff.

On the first night of team practice the coaches will re-introduce themselves to the cheerleaders and provide you contact information. They will also notify you of the 1st Team meeting (with parents) to provide and go over lots of information.

Extra practices do get called throughout the season – they can be on other weekdays, weekends, BYE weekends, etc. This may be because the team is making up for practices that have been cancelled due to rain or because they are working on their competition routine.

If you are planning any major trips (week or longer) during season, please consider how this may affect participation in cheerleading. They are a part of a team, and one cheerleader being absent can affect the whole team.

Where is my child???
Once all the teams have split up, there will be designated areas for each team to practice in. We invite you to watch a team practice from the outside of all fields or the surrounding bleachers. We have a large organization and every bit of ‘green’ it is used by the teams.

If you have to leave the field during practice or you have made arrangements for another parent to be responsible for your child, please let the team mom or coach know. This is necessary information in case of emergency as well as possibly ending practice early for inclement weather.

Please be aware of practice times for your team(s). Coaches cannot leave practice without every child having been picked up. So please be on time to pick up your child from practice so our coaches, who also have families, can get home themselves.

Inclement Weather Plan:
The normal weather plan is that we will not cancel a night of practice due to rain until ~ 6:30. Practice is cancelled by the President, Vice-President, Athletic Directors and/or Cheer Coordinators. You never know if the weather will blow over or not, or if it even hit one area of town vs. another.

If we have to cancel a practice night before the players are on teams, we will do it from the field by notifying all the coaches and as many people as possible. We will also post red flags on the flagpole by concession and at Field 5 (corner of 61st Street and 78th Avenue).

Once the player is on their team, all the coaches will be notified once a decision has been made and they in turn will contact the Team Parent and parents to notify them.

Cheer Packages:

You are required to purchase a Cheer package which consists of all the items the cheerleader gets to keep (shoes, practice shirt, practice shorts, turtleneck (for competition only), hair tie, cheer bag, and additional cheer gear items.) The cost of the package is ($145.00). The turtlenecks will not be given until we get closer to competition.

ALL CHEER PACKAGES MUST BE PAID IN FULL BY JULY 20, 2019, OR CHEERLEADER WILL NOT RECEIVE HER CHEER PACKAGE AND WILL NOT CHEER. No exceptions! If you need to make payments, they can be made at any registration date before season starts and up to July 20, 2019.

We will be sizing the cheerleaders at all the May and June registration dates. It is very important to make one of these dates for cheer gear and shoe sizing. Those cheerleaders who do not get sized for shoes at by (TBA) may not have their cheer shoes in time for the Kickoff Classic (Jamboree).

Cheerleaders will receive their cheer packages sometime during the week before the Kick-off Classic. The girls will be wearing their practice outfits to the Kickoff Classic and possibly some games during the season. There will also be a set night each team is to wear their practice outfit to practice. (This helps coaches focus on the routine and movements rather than twenty different colors!)

What else to expect and other activities
Besides practices and games, we will be participating in additional activities which may include but not be limited to spirit week, dances, homecoming events, family night, skating parties, outside cheerleading competitions, and much more. For those of you new to our organization, below is some background on some of these events.

Spirit Week: Designated week before the regular season games start where the teams dress up for various nights of the week. For example, Monday may be Western night, Tuesday is 50’s night, etc.
Spirit Week comes after all the tryouts are over and the girls are bonding in their teams. It is a bit of lighthearted fun to pump up the T-Birds and we hope parents will also get involved in!

Homecoming Dance: This is an annual dinner/dance where we present our Homecoming Court and crown Homecoming Queen, King, Princess, and Prince. Ticket sale dates are announced during season and are sold on a first come, first serve basis.

Family Night: Family Night is a designated Friday night during season where T-Birds join as family for a spaghetti/pizza dinner and are provided the greatest of entertainment – T-Bird cheerleaders – who perform their Flag routines and Cheer competition routines.
Entry into Family Night is a monetary donation, unwrapped toy, and/or canned food.
Our T-Bird raffle drawing winner is also announced.
All proceeds from Family Night go towards our T-Bird Family fund which helps us support families in need during the holidays.

Parent Appreciation Day: Designated home game day for the T-Birds to thank our parents who support their children, teams, and the organization. Players escort their parents as they are announced at the beginning of each game.

Parent Participation:
As parents, you will be required to volunteer in our concession stand and/or other volunteer opportunities. You are also required to participate in all league/team fundraisers. This is a non-profit organization and the responsibility falls on all of us to do our part.


A preview of the 2018 varsity schedule and additional event dates (all subject to change). Also, there are occasional weekend practices for cheer teams as they prepare for competition. If you are planning any major trips (week or longer) during season, please consider how this may affect participation in cheerleading.

Cheer Competitions
We support our cheer teams to participate in outside cheer competitions, as well as the SYFC cheer championship. These girls spend lots of time perfecting a 3-minute routine!

Below are potential competition dates. We will confirm attendance by the start of season.


What other costs are there?
In addition to Registration and Cheer Packages, there are other costs that you may incur over season. The examples below are not all inclusive, but to give you an idea.

Entrance to Saturday games $4

Entrance to Quarterfinals thru Playoffs and SYFC Cheer Competition $5
Cheerleader roster T-Shirts vary from $10 up
Parent roster T-shirts (optional) vary from $10 up
Outside Cheer competitions – Entry ~ $10-12, plus may be cost for parking
Game day drinks/snacks for team usually rotated among parents to provide.

If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to an exciting, fun-filled season with you and your child!

Contact Information:

Cheer Coordinator

Melissa Ethridge @ 727-678-0552 

Assistant Cheer Coordinator